Intelligence Report: Conspiracy against Monkey

Posted on October 23, 2010


Grading: A/1/1

Intelligence indicates that members of OCG ‘The Gang of F**kers’ are conspiring to cause harm to the person and reputation of Happy MONKEY (25/10/??).

Sources indicate that this is to be done by convincing ‘The SHOPKEEPER’ (NFD) that MONKEY is, and has been, stealing from ‘The Tuck Shop’ and is generally taking the piss.

Methods are likely to include planting empty chocolate wrappers/Coke cans in MONKEY’s workspace,  making false claims to have seen him stealing from the ‘The Tuck Shop’ and laughing to the OCG about it, and claiming that MONKEY has been making abusive remarks about The SHOPKEEPER..

The OCG includes known nominals ‘Phil Collins’, ‘The Prankster’, ‘The Fluffer’ and ‘The Strawbinator’.

Sources connected to the OCG say their motives are lol-based, in particular with reference to ‘pushing The SHOPKEEPER over the edge and making him actually flip out and give MONKEY a few digs‘.

This conspiracy would appear to have been in place for at least a week, and indications are that The SHOPKEEPER is already close to tipping point.

DISSEMINATE TO: Public Protection Unit, Witness Protection.