High-Tech Crime Trading Cards

Posted on September 8, 2011


Son of Monkey has recently got heavily into Pokemon and, to a lesser extent, Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m a nerdy type of a guy in many ways (no, really!) but I have to admit that these things send me into a bit of a headspin and I’m afraid that I Just Don’t Get It.

I was flicking through some of his cards the other night, and thought that you could apply the principle to pretty much anything – get a character, assign it some characteristics, slap some abstract mathematics onto the gameplay and there you have it – a new card game, ready to play or trade.  I started thinking of some of the different character types we encounter in our daily work at Monkeytown HTCU, and thought it might be fun to have a little dabble with making them into cards. So here they are – a few samples that you can extend and build on. The HP ratings aren’t very consistent and there isn’t much of a gameplay element, but I am after all just doing it for a few cheap lolz.

Click to embiggen.

LE Forensic AnalystAll-round freak

Asshat Journalist

Blasé Barrister

Counter-Terrorism Forensic Analyst

Evil Anti-Paedophile Establishment Conspiracy

First-time Paedo



Teenage OCG Member

Unicorn Hunter

I’m sure that y’all will have ideas of your own, so let’s have em in the comments below. Here’s the PSD file, based on one by ~Air-wave on DeviantArt in this thread. Any mangling of his template is my fault, because my Photoshop skillz are teh suck.