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High-Tech Crime Trading Cards

September 8, 2011


Son of Monkey has recently got heavily into Pokemon and, to a lesser extent, Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m a nerdy type of a guy in many ways (no, really!) but I have to admit that these things send me into a bit of a headspin and I’m afraid that I Just Don’t Get It. I was flicking […]

Animalising the HTCU

June 23, 2011


And what woof-beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Monkeytown to be born? (with apologies to W.B. Yeats) The Monkey family acquired a dog this week. He’s a lovely little fella, black-and-white and with a colourful ethnic mix of basset, border collie, staffie and a few others. He came with a name, and […]

HTCU Simulator

January 27, 2011


You can get simulator games for almost every activity these days. I had a job a few years ago where the suspect spent days on end flying virtual airliners around the world – he spoke with contempt of people who skipped the ‘long bits’, and would only share his hobby with other hardcore pilots who […]

Intelligence Report: Conspiracy against Monkey

October 23, 2010


Grading: A/1/1 Intelligence indicates that members of OCG ‘The Gang of F**kers’ are conspiring to cause harm to the person and reputation of Happy MONKEY (25/10/??). Sources indicate that this is to be done by convincing ‘The SHOPKEEPER’ (NFD) that MONKEY is, and has been, stealing from ‘The Tuck Shop’ and is generally taking the […]

Exodus – movement of Monkey people

September 27, 2010


Kid Rock once wrote: Well I’m packing up my game and I’m a head out west Where real women come equipped with scripts and fake breasts Find a nest in the hills, chill like Flynt Buy an old droptop, find a spot for pimpin’ While it’s not going to be quite as stimulating as Mr […]

A Playlist for the Forensic Workday

August 12, 2010


We often have music on in the office over at Monkeytown HTCU – it provides a soundtrack to the day, stimulates conversation and is great for getting in the zone when you need to. Often it’s dance or 80s hits, but we try to get a good mix of songs going. None of the music […]

Motivating the Forensic Team

June 29, 2010


Yup, I know it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with one thing and another, and kinda ran out of inspiration a bit as well. I’ve got a load of half-written posts that weren’t really tickling me, so I hope that this one satisfies your monkey-lust until I can get back […]