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Monkeytown Secret Cyber Tools List

July 17, 2014


CLASSIFICATION: VEWY VEWY SECWET (NOT EVEN YOUR MUM) Hi boss, this is the list of specialist tools and techniques that are available to Monkeytown Cyber Ninja Deathsquad Cadre. I hope that this document doesn’t get leaked like that report on the bin Laden forensic analysis I did or that new stuff from GCHQ! Don’t treat […]

Bin Laden hard drive – prelim. forensic report

May 4, 2011


Boss, this is the preliminary report on the bin Laden job we picked up – quite a coup getting that, wasn’t it? I’m sending this email by the new super-mega-secure system that the CIA connected us to, but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. I hope this doesn’t go out on some random […]

Intelligence Report: Conspiracy against Monkey

October 23, 2010


Grading: A/1/1 Intelligence indicates that members of OCG ‘The Gang of F**kers’ are conspiring to cause harm to the person and reputation of Happy MONKEY (25/10/??). Sources indicate that this is to be done by convincing ‘The SHOPKEEPER’ (NFD) that MONKEY is, and has been, stealing from ‘The Tuck Shop’ and is generally taking the […]

Wikileaks: The Monkeytown Diaries

August 10, 2010


Following up on their publication of thousands of leaked files relating to the war in Afghanistan, Wikileaks have scored another coup in their war against government secrecy. An unknown source in Monkeytown Constabulary has been slowly leaking data to the online whistle-blowing service, and some of the documents can be revealed here for the first […]