About this blog

I work in computer forensics in the UK. There are a lot of very good blogs out there covering technical aspects of forensics in great detail, and this isn’t one of them. I enjoy talking crap on the Internet, and wanted a place where I can do it at some length with a bit more thought than the quicky posts encouraged by Facebook and the like. Some of the posts here will be relating to work, some won’t.

Naturally, nothing here reflects the opinions or policies of my employer.

The name comes from something Che Guevara wrote in a letter home to his mum, while he was in the Guatemalan jungle fighting against the running-dog capitalista pigs*:

The bombs are falling from the sky like raindrops and all are ankle deep in blood, and I’m having as much fun as a monkey

No, I don’t know what that’s got to do with this blog either. I just liked the quote.

You can email me on happyasamonkey@googlemail.com or follow the tweets on http://twitter.com/happyasamonkey

I don’t do anything blog-related during working hours, so if you comment on a post and wonder where it’s gone, it’ll be waiting for me to get home  to approve it.

*and sleeping in a hut so lowly even the rats wuz hunchbacks. 10 points if you can name those lyrics.

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