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Alternative Forensic Awards

April 5, 2012


You wanted a Monkey…and for your sins, I gave you one. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write more blog posts, it really isn’t. Ideas come to me, then fade. Sometimes I wonder if I should do some actual forensic posts, but then as soon as I’ve finished doing something new or interesting I […]

High-Tech Crime Trading Cards

September 8, 2011


Son of Monkey has recently got heavily into Pokemon and, to a lesser extent, Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m a nerdy type of a guy in many ways (no, really!) but I have to admit that these things send me into a bit of a headspin and I’m afraid that I Just Don’t Get It. I was flicking […]

Animalising the HTCU

June 23, 2011


And what woof-beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Monkeytown to be born? (with apologies to W.B. Yeats) The Monkey family acquired a dog this week. He’s a lovely little fella, black-and-white and with a colourful ethnic mix of basset, border collie, staffie and a few others. He came with a name, and […]

The MCCF Good Practice Guide for Computer-Based Electronic Evidence

May 26, 2011


As good forensicators, I hope that we’re all familiar with the ACPO ‘Good Practice Guide for Computer-Based Electronic Evidence’. For those outside the UK, this is the booklet produced by the Association of Chief Police Officers covering the dos and don’ts for the seizure, analysis and presentation of computery stuff by Law Enforcement in the […]

HTCU Simulator

January 27, 2011


You can get simulator games for almost every activity these days. I had a job a few years ago where the suspect spent days on end flying virtual airliners around the world – he spoke with contempt of people who skipped the ‘long bits’, and would only share his hobby with other hardcore pilots who […]

A Playlist for the Forensic Workday

August 12, 2010


We often have music on in the office over at Monkeytown HTCU – it provides a soundtrack to the day, stimulates conversation and is great for getting in the zone when you need to. Often it’s dance or 80s hits, but we try to get a good mix of songs going. None of the music […]

A Pantheon for Computer Forensics

July 3, 2010


It’s become clear to me that the world has gone downhill since monotheism took over. Look back a¬†millennium¬†or two and the religious landscape seems a lot healthier – everyone had lots of gods, and a far healthier relationship with them. Also, gods back in those days were fun. Taking the Greeks, Romans and Vikings as […]