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Alternative Forensic Awards

April 5, 2012


You wanted a Monkey…and for your sins, I gave you one. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write more blog posts, it really isn’t. Ideas come to me, then fade. Sometimes I wonder if I should do some actual forensic posts, but then as soon as I’ve finished doing something new or interesting I […]

HTCU Simulator

January 27, 2011


You can get simulator games for almost every activity these days. I had a job a few years ago where the suspect spent days on end flying virtual airliners around the world – he spoke with contempt of people who skipped the ‘long bits’, and would only share his hobby with other hardcore pilots who […]

The ACPO Conference – Subversive Plans

July 2, 2010


So, the ACPO conference is in its last day as I write this. This year’s bunfight – dubbed the ‘Cybercrime Conference’, presumably by someone in charge of thinking up cringe-inducing names for conferences – seems to have been the usual mixture of high-level waffle, vendors trying to flog stuff to people with no money, and […]

The acquisition will not be televised

May 10, 2010


On the unfilmability of computer forensics, and ways to incorporate it into TV anyway. I mentioned in a previous post that when they come to make a film of my life, the forensics would be real rather than over-dramatised Hollywood fluff. After considering this idea for a while, and taking on board the comments, I’ve […]

If Apple did computer forensics…

April 5, 2010


In a cynical attempt to jump on the bandwagon created by Apple’s move into the sanitary product market, I’d like to offer a Monkey’s eye view of what it would look like if Apple entered the computer forensics field. The writeblocker, iBlock, would only image at 1 mb/s and would have a non-replacable internal battery […]

Marketing Computer Forensics

March 9, 2010


I try to avoid being exposed to advertising whenever possible, as I find its exclusive focus on humanity’s negative drives to be vexatious to the spirit. These days the admen seem to have grown increasingly tasteless and shrill in their clumsy attempts to appeal to our greed, lust, envy and dissatisfaction, and there is surely […]

Computer Forensics in the Geek Press – A Taxonomy

November 11, 2009


So COFEE has finally been leaked onto the Internet. It was inevitable and it’s a wonder that it wasn’t released sooner, but nevertheless it marks a sad day for the Law Enforcement computer forensics community. COFEE, if you didn’t know, is Microsoft’s LE-only collection of tools for getting volatile data from a live computer. It […]