The Face of Monkey

Posted on May 26, 2010


Many of you have wondered about the Face of Monkey – I know this because I’m deluged with emails from people asking “Yo, Monkey! WTF is the Face of Monkey like, dude?”

Well, a very talented artist from Monkeytown has produced a likeness of Monkey, using the power of paints. For your viewing pleasure, I give you:

Click to embiggen. Ladies, form an orderly queue. There's plenty for everyone.

Just to give a State of the Monkey Address: the blog has now had over 27,000 hits since it launched in November 2009 and gets an average of about 190 hits per day. The most popular day had 909 views. There have been 334 (publishable) comments to date.

Thanks for your support, folks: I’ll keep writing if you keep reading.

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