Request for Data: Google Searches

Posted on May 12, 2010


While we were WTFing (yes, it is a verb) at a suspect’s choice of Google searches yesterday, a colleague suggested that I get people to send in their favourite search terms that they’ve encountered in jobs. We’ve got a good few, but it’d be academically interesting to gather samples from forensic monkeys all over the world.

If you’ve got some good ones and would like to take part, please email them to, DM @happyasamonkey or write a comment below – I won’t approve the comments for public viewing, as I’d like to get them all collated for maximum lolz before publishing. I won’t use your names (unless you specifically want me to), but it might be interesting to identify freakery by general location – again, please say if you want your submission completely anonymous.

I’d like to publish this on Friday lunchtime (UK lunchtime). Obviously don’t send anything that could be sensitive (I know, but these days you have to be covered). I’ll also be chucking in a selection of search term referrers that have brought people to this blog.

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