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Facebook, privacy and Dumbf*ckgate

May 26, 2010


This is a long, wordy, ranty one I’m afraid. Here’s the haiku summary Facebook are evil Does Monkey have an answer? Nope. Hasn’t a clue. Online privacy has been the hot topic online for the last few weeks, with Facebook and Google both coming under fire. Facebook has messed with users’ settings one too many […]

The Face of Monkey

May 26, 2010


Many of you have wondered about the Face of Monkey – I know this because I’m deluged with emails from people asking “Yo, Monkey! WTF is the Face of Monkey like, dude?” Well, a very talented artist from Monkeytown has produced a likeness of Monkey, using the power of paints. For your viewing pleasure, I […]

Be careful what you search for…

May 14, 2010


People are strange. I don’t think I’m making any grand revelation by pointing that out, but I do feel that when you rummage inside people’s computers on a daily basis, you get a unique insight into the spirals of strangeness that exist inside the human head. Nowhere is this more true than in Google search […]

Request for Data: Google Searches

May 12, 2010


While we were WTFing (yes, it is a verb) at a suspect’s choice of Google searches yesterday, a colleague suggested that I get people to send in their favourite search terms that they’ve encountered in jobs. We’ve got a good few, but it’d be academically interesting to gather samples from forensic monkeys all over the […]

The acquisition will not be televised

May 10, 2010


On the unfilmability of computer forensics, and ways to incorporate it into TV anyway. I mentioned in a previous post that when they come to make a film of my life, the forensics would be real rather than over-dramatised Hollywood fluff. After considering this idea for a while, and taking on board the comments, I’ve […]

Forensic tattoos

May 6, 2010


Some time ago I found myself on a site about Russian prison tattoos (it seems to have gone now but there’s a cut-down version here). The piece was based on the studies of a prison guard and ethnographer who’d documented them over a lifetime’s career, and it was absolutely fascinating. The work was often very […]

Election Special

May 5, 2010


As readers in the UK may have noticed, a general election is upon us. It’s quite an exciting one as these things go, because this time it’s a genuine three-horse race. The present incumbents, New Labour, are bloated and replete from suckling on the crack pipe of power for 14 years, and they’re slinking off […]