Movie Idea

Posted on March 27, 2010


Working title: Olympians of Love

Tagline: Because sometimes love gets messy!

Set in the 2012 Olympics, a perky English beach-volleyball player (Gwyneth Paltrow) falls in love with the whole Japanese bukkake team.  When the Home Secretary (Jim Broadbent) who is secretly in love with her tells her that only one of the team will be given a residency permit after the games,  the team starts to fall apart as they vie for her affection. Richard Curtis to direct.

Possible scene: the Japanese coach (Rhys Ifans)  has a showdown with his Volleyball counterpart  (Hugh Grant in blackface) over Paltrow’s disruption of his training schedule, culminating in a hilarious set-piece when Grant accidentally stumbles into the Japanese signature piece, the ‘Banzai Charge’.

Inspired by the work of The Failed Screenwriter’s Notebook

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