10 signs that you work in computer forensics

Posted on March 12, 2010


1. You can’t search Google or visit a web site without worrying about how it’d look to someone analysing your machine.

2. You get drunk and Google “normal-looking women with their clothes on” when your wife’s gone to bed.

3. Someone is explaining a scenario to you that’s reaching its end with “and then he asked ‘do you want me to turn on my webcam, so you can see my face?’, and I said ‘OK’, and…” and you spend the next five minutes laughing hysterically then apologising profusely.

4. None of your friends will lend you their camera memory card.

5. You’ve got the most powerful workstation out of all your geek friends, but you’re the only one who doesn’t game online with it.

6. People you meet at parties are interested when they hear your job title, then move away when you tell them how you actually spend your days.

7. You wake a sleeping computer by pressing the ‘shift’ key.

8. You marvel at the tinyness of a 32GB microSD card, but are secretly thinking that you really need to start considering doing cavity searches on warrants

9. The salesman is showing you a high-tech washing machine, and you’re wondering how you’d get and analyse the data off it

10. You know at least one friend of a friend of a friend who always corners you to ask about the best wiping software.

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