Ask the Monkey: Balancing Fifa 10 and Work

Posted on November 20, 2009


This is the first in the series of ‘Ask the Monkey’ problem page questions. Send your  dilemmas on  anything – office politics, geopolitics, philosophy, relationships, your love life etc – to, stick them in the comments or tweet them to Please say if you don’t want your name included.

Lee asks: “we just got an XBOX 360 for the office with FIFA 10. As lab manager how can I ensure that anyone does any work?

That’s a very good question, Lee.  First of all I’d like to address a problem that you may not realise you have – you referred to ‘an’ Xbox 360. One is simply not enough. Let me explain.

The good thing about games in the office is that they a) waste time and b) get staff jumping over the desks to punch each other in the face.  These are good things because a) wasting time gives your staff a sense of shared naughtiness and conspiracy that fosters good éspirit de corps and b) getting each other riled up to the point where you’re screaming The Most Foul of All Foul Words at each other is hilariously funny, and gives you a very good release from the often-horrible stuff we have to do in work. This release more than makes up for the waste of time, because your staff go back to work feeling refreshed and invigorated, much more so than if they’d just sat at their desks eating their lunch and reading lolzy blogs on the intertubes.

So, I’m afraid that the answer is to put a console on each desk (or buy PC versions of the game). Personally, I’m more of an FPS fan – the team that slays together, stays together.

And on the subject of gaming – would any readers be interested in sending their gamertags in so that I can put them on a page here, as a central public repository of gamers from the forensic community? Let me know.